Enocean gateway device

In the past I have experimented with many technologies. Recently I was pointed to your site because of a fellow Enocean follower.

I had already made an interface and an application for controlling several devices based on Enocean technology. I am very impressed with the technology. In my quest for the holy grail of home automation I was however let down by some aspects of the technology.

My primary enthusiasm is for the Enocean battery less sensors which use energy harvesting for their power.
The problem I have with Enocean is with the actors for dimming and turning devices on and off. They are currently not bidirectional. I have written to the developers and they explained that the latest Dolphin version does finally support bidirectional functionality. Currently the hardware suppliers in Europe have not yet made any dolphin modules for me to test the new bidirectional communications.

Unfortunately the technology made a big mistake in their transceiver device. The transceiver can be used to send commands, it however cannot act as another sensor to send a command to a device. I think this limits the possibilities for computer based control greatly.

I then researched zwave for a short while. The support for device makers in Europe is very limited. Most devices look like old fashioned devices. The biggest problem I have with the technology is the fact that many sensors are battery operated. But the dimmers and switches are bidirectional! Hurrah! But still only half the things I want.

If only I could use the sensors of Enocean and the actors of Zwave…

And then I found MiCasaVerde. This presents a way to interface both and have interoperability between both technologies.

I have just started with an interface to Enocean. The basic interface is working. I have support for 1BS protocol for door/window sensor and I have support for 4BS message for a 4 button switch. Due to my limited experience with Lua and Luup the code is very rudimentary. I might need some help to perfect it…

When I have time I will give more details here. Is it possible for me to add the Enocean code the code.mios.com repository?

Thanks for any info.


You’ll want to send a PM to @mcvovidiu, and he should be able to create you an SVN space on code.mios.com.

I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. I looked at the EnOcean stuff about 6 months ago, specifically for the Leviton Occupancy sensor, their Low Voltage 4x Relay Controller (WSPAS-LV4).

Thanks, I will contact the person.

My code will work fine with an occupancy sensor. But as I mentioned Controllers will be trouble due to the way Enocean sends messages. You need to identify the sender. This means the Gateway will use its own ID to send a message and you need to learn this gateway code with the Relay Controller. If you can live with this then it should work.

Due to my Enocean code being work in progress, I have not yet implemented the sending of messages.

All in due time.

I just read about the new Dolphin platform for Enocean. It has support for bidirectional communication.

I was trying to source the transceiver component TCM 320 but cannot find any shops selling it online.

Anyone any ideas for europe?


http://shop.akktor.de/ (‘ask for a quote’)

http://www.hy-line.de/ (‘ask for a quote’)

http://www.unitronic.de/ ?

Excellent, enoluz looks like a good online shop. Thank you for the tip!

Next I will have to wait for the first dimmer to support bidirectional communication. I need to be able to ask if a device is on or of or at what level the light is on.

I have not found any yet.

First version of project is up and running…

see http://code.mios.com/trac/mios_enocean

Modified the files to be compatible for UI5.

see mios pages for the latest version.

I just placed an order for the Enocean TCM 320 and a new bidirectional Eltako FUD61NPN-230V module for dimming lights.
Hope it all works well.

Will update this forum with my progress.

used the shop http://www.batterielos.de

[quote=“evanes, post:9, topic:167088”]I just placed an order for the Enocean TCM 320 and a new bidirectional Eltako FUD61NPN-230V module for dimming lights.
Hope it all works well.

Will update this forum with my progress.

used the shop http://www.batterielos.de[/quote]

Awesome, can’t wait to hear your updates. Just checked out that site, had no idea there were so many Enocean products available.

Hi Evanes,
Do you plan to use the serial to Ethernet device still?

Yes, I prefer the ethernet version, I have my vera in the basement. Using ethernet I can position the transceiver anywhere in my house.

Also I already have the ethernet bridge. It is much cheaper for me to just purchase a new transceiver.

But it should be easy to adapt my plugin to support both usb and ethernet communication. The protocol is the same for both.

I am however experiencing problems with some of my enocean hardware. I tried to connect a 4 button remote to a dimmer, but nothing worked. It looks as if my 4 button piezo remote stopped working…
I just emailed the shop where I bought the products from to see if I can get a replacement. Have not received any answers yet…

Sorry to hear about your switch - must have been a bit old if it was using piezo. All the latest switches are electromagnetic based. Using your TCM and a serial to usb cable you can install WinEtel and use this combination as an EnOcean wireless sniffer to determine if the switch is sending out telegrams.

Make sure you take a look pg13 and 14 of the TCM3xx user guide as by default the TCM is a unidirectional serial device. I think you will want to operate in mode 1.

currently my plugin only works for a remote and a window sensor. The send commands which are picked up in Vera.

I would like to add a light dimmer to the plugin. What model of Enocean communication do you think works?

Let me explain my problem a little.

I can program an Enocean dimmer to react to a 4 button remote, using the device only. But I do not want to do this in the Vera model. I want to have the Vera device receive a button event from the remote (this already works) and I want Vera to send a dim command to the Enocean dimmer.

The Vera will use a transceiver device (TCM 3x0). How can we use the transceiver device to send a command to the Enocean dimmer.

When I looked at the documentation before I could only find the model where you learn a dimmer to react to specific commands from other devices with their own identification. But I want to send a dimmer a direct command without learning it any other devices.

Can you point me to the right way of working for this model?

Thanks for any help,



It is a very good idea to implement Enocean in Vera… Thank you!

I cannot manage to make it work with USB 300 USB Gateway.

What are the modifications on the plugins I have to make? ???


I would also love to start using the Enocean components, do you think you will do a redo of the guide you made for the TCM 320?

will there be more work done with enocean support in Micasaverde?
the lack of support for modules in europe really forces me to use a system that can provide support for multiple devices…

Just found a post on google where Evert who developed the micasaverde connector have aparently abandoned Micasaverde.

And am very happy with my decision :smiley:

check out openhab, it is still limited in device support and takes quite a bit of tinkering but the architecture of the software is excellent, quite a relief from the micasaverde platform. Nothing closed source there…

Be prepared however, support for zwave is very limited but enough enthusiasm and developers to see progress in the near future.
Also enocean support is non existent, I have just ordered the new enocean usb dongle to start developing for openhab.
Rfxcom support is there but support for devicetypes is just starting.

All in all an exciting platform. I expect that raspberry pi hardware platform will be enough to run on. Being java you can run the software on different machines of preference.

good luck with vera!