Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 randomly not working

Hi, I have installed the new version 2 Enerwave dual relay in my bathroom, in a double gang box with 1 standard binary switch for light, and another standard binary switch for the bathroom fan.

The wiring “appears” to be working, as I can individually control the light, the fan, and vice versa.

But, what happens is, after I flipped the 2 switches a couple times, it started acting strangely, as in if I were to turn off the fan, the enerwave will generate multiple clicking sound (as opposed to 1 clicking sound when working properly), and it will turn off BOTH my fan and my light.

It gets even more strange when after that happens, and then I try to turn on the fan, it will NOT turn on, until I flip on and off, on and off a few times, and then randomly the fan will then turn on.

I can’t “blame” the wiring because everything works “perfectly” for the first few times (after I reset the circuit breaker), it is after 4-5 different flips and then it starts acting up.

Any suggestion for me please? I am thinking it may be the bathroom fan, but I have no idea how to tell.

Thank you.

It’s most likely the relay failing.

It might be that it’s just this individual relay, but… This model relay is rather “weak” in that it is only rated at 4amps per load. Your fan is likely rated MUCH lower than that, but electric motors being inductive loads, means that when you first turn the fan on, it will draw a surge that could well approach the limits of your relay.

You’re likely better off using a relay with a higher current rating.