Enerwave outlets? Anyone heard of them or used them?

The subject pretty much says it all, but I was looking for some z-wave outlets to fill in my mesh network, and I found these. I like them because they are tamper resistant. I was going to go with Leviton, but they are over twice as much. I’m just curious if anyone has used these and if so, what their experience was with them.


Instant Status usually isn’t an important feature for receptacles as they are rarely switched manually(without Vera).

For me, a more important feature for receptacles, especially when the specific intent is to expand Z-Wave coverage, is Beaming. Beaming is needed by Frequent Listening Routing Slaves(FLiRS) such as door locks and battery powered thermostats.

The GE/Jasco 45603 Receptacle and the Evolve LOM-15 do support Beaming. I am unable to determine if the Enerwave supports Beaming.

I had thought about beaming. Maybe I can email the company. I liked that they were tamper resistant. The leviton and cooper tamper resistant are considerably more than these.

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The GE at Lowes are 35 bucks a piece and work pretty well.

@waynehead99, are they tamper resistant?

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Unfortunately no.

I also use the ones from lowes. 35.00 plus if you google online you can find a coupon code for lowes 10% off or my favorite $10.00 off $50.00 purchese. So buy 2 and get each one for 30.00.

I have one of the GE ones, and while it works without issues, the big thing here that I’m looking for is the “tamper resistant” feature. We just had a baby and I’d rather have tamper resistant outlets (My “normal” outlets are all tamper resistant for the most part which I did when I moved to the decora style outlets).

I emailed them and they did said it supports beaming, so I bought 1 of them just to try it out. I’ll report back when I get it Wed.

I just got the outlet and installed it on my outside porch. It’s big (as I think all z-wave outlets are), and the box was small. It barely squeezed in, but it did fit. I chose this place as I want to basically use it as an repeater for my outside motion sensors. The box might be metal though, so I’m not sure if it will actually help. It’s also in a stucco wall, so I don’t think I’ll be removing the box and replacing it anytime soon. Drywall I’ll mess with, stucco, not so much.

So, so far it’s pretty good. It has a button the front like the GE outlet I have (and unlike the Leviton ones from the pictures I’ve seen). At first it appeared that it was updating in Vera when I toggled it from the outlet. I turned it on and off and on and off with about 1-2 seconds between and it was toggling in Vera. It did stop doing that, so I don’t know what that’s about. I would not say it supports Instant Status, but for the price I didn’t really expect it to.

What it does support is Beaming, which I’m glad the TS Rep was right about. I’m not sure how to read the capabilities, but I know what the letters mean and the B for beaming is in there. Here is the capabilities list from Vera for anyone who is insterested:


I’ll try and report back later, but for now, for the price point, this is exactly what I wanted. An outlet that supported beaming AND had tamper resistant plugs all for around $40. I’m gonna head to Amazon now and pick up a few more to fill out my mesh network.

good review.

Does it have Load Sensing? I find that nice when people want to turn on a table lamp manually that I have controlled with vera.

[quote=“Bulldoglowell, post:10, topic:179895”]good review.

Does it have Load Sensing? I find that nice when people want to turn on a table lamp manually that I have controlled with vera.[/quote]

Great question. Now you got me wondering if the GE ones does too?

[quote=“Bulldoglowell, post:10, topic:179895”]good review.

Does it have Load Sensing? I find that nice when people want to turn on a table lamp manually that I have controlled with vera.[/quote]

I currently have a Guiness sign plugged into it with a switch on the power cable and turning it off and back on did not turn the outlet on. I would have to say that it does not have it. The instructions also do not mention it. It does support the ALL_ON and ALL_OFF commands though (according to the instructions).

I know my Schlage and Leviton Dimmers do this, but I’m not sure about my GE wall outlet (I just tested it and it doesn’t do it; GE 45605).

So far so good. They also have a wall controller that looks interesting, but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. It has 6 small buttons and 1 big button. There is not much info on their site about it. I’m starting to wonder if they are disappearing.

the GE plug in module types support it, they come turned off by default, I believe you have to change variable 29 to “1”

it would be nice if an in-wall outlet supported that. It comes in handy

quick questions…

So I put this on my back porch to help with the motion sensors which are battery operated. Would it be better for me to exclude and then re-include the motion sensors so that they will know the new outlet is there? I realize if it was a device powered by A/C that it would eventually pick it up, but I’m not so sure about the battery devices (I’ve not had good luck with battery devices and heals).

I’m also thinking about putting some of these (or other z-wave outlets) outside. I realize that only the first outlet needs to be GFCI, but currently ALL of mine are (the outlets came with the boxes and I installed all 6 exterior outlets myself since there were none outside my house). They are on their own circuit and the first in the line is GFCI. What I worry about is that if something plugged into the z-wave outlet has an issue, will it kill the outlet? These are pretty expensive to be using if they’ll die easily. I’ve considered using the exterior z-wave “dongles”, but what I like having the outlet for is that my boxes are metal and lockable (yes, I realize that the metal will hinder the z-wave, but based on other outlets in my house, it shouldn’t kill it completely). Those dongle’s won’t fit inside so that means that they will be exposed and whatever is plugged into them could be able to be unplugged without me knowing.

On a different note, I picked up 5 more of these to place around the house. I have a fairly small house (,1863 sq ft), so I’m sure that this will fill in my network. I want to try 1 outside for my landscape lighting (I have a 300w transformer I want to put on it, which I think will work). I’m gonna replace it with a 900w transformer, which I think will also work based on these specs:

Incandescent Lamp:1000watt
Resistive Rating:1800watt
Tungsten Rating:1200watt
Motor Load:1/2HP

you still doing a nightly heal? That will look at the new outlet.

if you are really worried about your outlet, and it isn’t on a GFI circuit already (I wouldn’t worry about where it is ion line). you can replace the breaker in the box with a GFI Breaker.

5 should add a lot in the way of coverage.

Yeah, every exterior outlet is currently a GFCI outlet. I’ve attached an image of what I bought. Some have just an outlet and some have a switch next to them (the old toggle kind). Now that I think of it, maybe I should put some of the aeotec mini switches (not dimmers) in them (there is plenty of room behind the outlet plate). The ones that have the switches I could hook up so that they could still be controlled by the toggle, and the others I could just control from Vera! This would allow me to keep the GFCI in place. Would that hurt it? I wouldn’t think so since the microswitch would be protected by the GFCI (as long as I have them wired correctly for line/load, which I think one is wrong and I have yet to fix because it always trips the next one back instead of itself…LOL)

edit: the picture of the outlet boxes


37 - COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_BINARY - An on/off switch
39 - COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_ALL - Responds to all-on, all-off commands
112 - COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION - Has configuration parameters
114 - COMMAND_CLASS_MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC - Has a unique manufacturer/model name
134 - COMMAND_CLASS_VERSION - Can return Z-Wave version information

Basically, this is a basic no-frills switch.
The info viewer plug-in can give you more information .

these are nice.

When I installed extra exterior outlets, I used a regular exterior box… they are too small to stuff anything into. Yours should work well for what you want to do.