Elk Alarm Panel Problem


I’ve had no end of problems trying to get my Elk M1G to work with the Elk Alarm Panel plug-in. I had everything running fine a few months ago but I believe it broke when I upgraded the plug-in to V2.0. I’m not 100% sure that’s the cause because I can’t find a way to install the old version of plug-in so there is no way for me to test.

My Setup:

Vera 3
FTDI USB to Serial port Convertor with 6ft USB Cable and direct plugged into the panel
M1G Gold

I know that the USB serial port convertor is working because I can run the ELK installer software with the same USB cable plugged into my laptop and talk to the panel as expected.

I can go to the Develop App -> Serial Port Configuration and I’m able to add the port & set the speed to 115200, 8N1 Port 3482. I have it set to Elk Alarm Panel[]. I tried other speeds out of desperation and nothing seemed to help.

I have restarted everything including the panel, Vera, Lua, etc more times then I can count. The device shows Lua start up error. I attached the log file below, I can’t see any useful info other than it is unable to open the port.

My wife keeps asking why the outside lights never come on when the motion sensors go off like they used so I would appreciate any help you can give me to get me out of hot water!

Thanks guys,

tail -f LuaUPnP.log | grep ‘^01|^50’

01 07/14/13 13:42:59.722 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop1 0xe64cf8 1 2 <0x2b92b000>
01 07/14/13 13:43:01.723 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop2 0xe64cf8 2 2 <0x2b92b000>
01 07/14/13 13:43:01.724 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop3 0xe64cf8 2 2 <0x2b92b000>
01 07/14/13 13:43:01.724 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop4 0xe64cf8 17274392 2 <0x2b92b000>
01 2013-7-14 12:57:51 caught signal 6 <0x2be05680>
01 2013-7-14 12:58:7 caught signal 6 <0x2bf41680>
01 2013-7-14 13:3:52 caught signal 6 <0x2c2d5680>
01 2013-7-14 13:4:49 caught signal 6 <0x2bdf3680>
01 2013-7-14 13:5:38 caught signal 6 <0x2c3af680>
01 2013-7-14 13:9:7 caught signal 6 <0x2bcad680>
01 2013-7-14 13:13:3 caught signal 6 <0x2c449680>
01 2013-7-14 13:13:52 caught signal 6 <0x2c72d680>
01 2013-7-14 13:18:19 caught signal 6 <0x2b813680>
01 2013-7-14 13:19:28 caught signal 6 <0x2bbb1680>
01 2013-7-14 13:20:36 caught signal 6 <0x2c6bf680>
01 2013-7-14 13:22:48 caught signal 6 <0x2c187680>
01 2013-7-14 13:28:6 caught signal 6 <0x2c08d680>
01 2013-7-14 13:29:7 caught signal 6 <0x2babd680>
01 2013-7-14 13:43:1 caught signal 6 <0x2c65f680>
01 07/14/13 13:43:03.909 UPnPAction_Send::ParseState can’t find name <0x2ad70000>
01 07/14/13 13:43:12.133 IOPort::Connect connect -1 <0x2d4a3680>
50 07/14/13 13:43:16.142 luup_log:74: ElkPlugin:::M1 Panel Plugin version 1.94. <0x2b6a3680>
50 07/14/13 13:43:16.143 luup_log:74: ElkPlugin::getDebugMode: Debug mode enabled. <0x2b6a3680>
50 07/14/13 13:43:16.143 luup_log:74: ElkPlugin::checkConnectionType: Running on Serial. <0x2b6a3680>
01 07/14/13 13:43:16.143 LuaInterface::CallFunction_Startup-2 device 74 function elkStartup failed Elk Alarm Panel with return false <0x2b6a3680>
01 07/14/13 13:43:16.144 LuImplementation::StartLua running startup code for 74 I_ElkAlarmPanel1.xml failed <0x2b6a3680>

If you have a backup you can give that a try and see if it takes you back to the older version of the plugin. Looking at the log I don’t think it is the plugin (as you say it is not opening the port).

There is information in this thread, not sure it will help or not:-



I don’t have a backup that old unfortunately. I did notice two things today.

First, the USB port the serial converter is connected to is locked by something. If I do an ls on the var/lock/ directory the USB0 port has a lock file. Anyone know if this is normal?

Secondly in the serial port configuration page under the use by drop down where I normally have it set to Elk Panel [] there is option Serial_Port_List_2144703138[]. I hadn’t ever seen that before.

Maybe the port is locked for some reason I just need to unlock it.


Call micasaverde tech support and let us know if they are able to fix this serial port issue.

It looks like there is a bug in Version 2.0 of the ELK Plugin. The code never returns True for a Serial Port device, it only returns True for a IP device. The plugin version 1.1 doesn’t use the return value of checkConnectionType() but the 2.0 plugin does. It looks like an easy fix.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Initialization Functions----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------local function checkConnectionType() local ip = luup.devices[lug_device].ip or “” if (ip == “”) then log(“checkConnectionType: Running on Serial.”) else local ipAddress, port = ip:match("^([^:]+):?(%d-)$") log(“checkConnectionType: ipAddress = “…(ipAddress or “nil”)…”, port = “…(port or “nil”)…”.”) if (ipAddress and ipAddress ~= “”) then if (not port) then port = 2101 else port = tonumber(port, 10) end log(“checkConnectionType: Running on Ethernet.”) luup.io.open(lug_device, ipAddress, port) if( luup.io.is_connected(lug_device)==false ) then return false end end return true endend


Fix here: -




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