Electric Blanket

Kind of a weird question but does anyone have (or know of) an electric blanket that can be turned on and off by a z-wave switch? I have one but the “Low, Medium, and High” settings are set to off when the blanket is first plugged in. Meaning, I could turn it off using a z-wave switch but I couldn’t turn it on.

On a related note, is there a name for the kind of function I’m referring to here? Like a physical on/off button rather than a “digital” (or whatever) on/off button? Something that when first plugged into an electrical outlet can immediately be “on” rather than having to press another button to turn it on.

I posted without searching first… Apparently this one will work - http://www.amazon.com/Biddeford-Blankets-LLC-Comfort-Blanket/dp/B005J9CDLG/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1357182275&sr=1-2&keywords=electric+blanket

It doesn’t have the greatest reviews (one even says it caught on fire) so feel free to share any others that you know of that may work!

Most electric blankets, that I have seen, do not utilize digital controls yours seems a little unusual. The majority of them have a physical switch and a dial type "temperature " selector. So, most electric blankets can do what you want if you use a Z-Wave controlled electrical outlet.

However, electric blankets do present a fire hazard. ALL of them are labeled that they should never be used unattended and should never be used on disabled persons and they should not be used on people that have impediments to their senses such as diabetics.

I would strongly discourage the automation of electric blankets or heating pads.

I have an appliance plug connected to our heated blanket. I have a virtual switch which is executed from a scene called “going to bed” this turns the blanket on and then in 15 minutes turns my tv equipment off. I then go upstairs to bed where my warm bed awaits :slight_smile:

The blanket we have is in the below link. Whatever setting you put it on, I.e. heat level is remembered so it’s just a case of switching on.