Either/or scenerios

I have setup multiple scenes with Vera Lite and Program Logic Event Generator Plugin. Lights come on automatically when either of us comes home etc etc. Another manually triggered scene is Baby feed time, this turns on a dimmed light in the babies room and 2 counter lights in the kitchen, no time frame because it could be anytime day or night and no auto turn off because how long does a feed take?

What I want to setup up is a manually triggered scene called, Baby Feed Finish. If it is early evening it will only turn off the babies dimmed light, however if it is triggered in the early hours of the morning, then the baby light goes out and the kitchen lights stay on for 20mins then turns off. In other words I want 1 button (scene) that will perform different actions dependent on other scenes being active.

How or am I able to achieve this?

Since you are posting in the scripting section, I assume you are interested in doing some LUUP programming to accomplish your task.

The sticky thread on conditional scene execution at the top of this scipting section is a good place to start. It will describe how to use time of day. Should be easy to proceed from there.


Thanks for your help, very muchly appreciatttted