Editing existing scene with code


I created a fairly extensive scene using the web interface. I then got rid of the light switches involved, and replaced with new ones. I now want to go through and edit all the old switches with new ones. Is there any way I can access the code for the scene and just copy/replace the names of the switches?


Technically, yes. You can alter the /etc/cmh/user_data.json.lzo file.

More practically, editing this file is neither easy nor safe. I would recommend that you edit your scenes manually via the GUI.

I am new to Veraedge. Recommends how to program interface? Do you have a reference that would explain how JASON access the different modules.

What I recommend is the Vera “manual”.

If you are an experienced programmer, this may be helpful despite being dated. I DO NOT recommend it for people that are not experienced programmers as well as experienced with Vera.