Edgestate and vera edge codes not working

Something odd has happened today with about 19 locks that we integrated into several edge controllers that have been working fine for a few months until today. Our hospitality PMS has a simple api into edgestate and edgestate integrates into vera but today neither seems to be working so i am having to go into each controller and add a new pin to about 19 locks. I also noticed a new firmware update but am scared sh**less to do it without getting all SAS vendors on the phone to discuss given the labor day weekend.

I can’t help with your error, but the fw update is not necessary. It’s useful only if you use cams in your vera, which you should not do to preserve performance anyway.

I can see the pin codes on the vera controllers that were pushed from edgestate but they are not working. Locks i use are yrl226 and kw912. Only thing that is working is if i add an additional pin/lock directly on the controllers. I know there an edgestate issue but this also looks like there is a vera issue too.

ended up being an issue with the serial numbers generated per lock on edgestate and the serial numbers assigned per lock on our PMS. This sync issue caused all sorts of issues for the locks paired to vera. Anyone deleting or replacing a lock be very cautious with this task.