eControl for Android

Hello all,

After having an iOS version of my App in the app Store for a while, I?m pleased to announce an Android version of the eControl App. The Android version is still in Beta, but made available public. You can find the eControl by using the following link:

Minimal requirements:

[ul][li]Android 3.1 Honeycomb[/li]
[li]A MiCasaVerde Vera with UI4 or UI5[/li][/ul]

The first Beta will work with auto detection and Veras only and only on your local network. Supported devices are switches, dimmers, energy meters, window coverings, climate sensors and security sensors. Future versions will support security cameras, thermostats, manual configuration (incl. access over Internet) and other gateways that are also supported by the iOS version. More information about the Beta versions can be found at:

Like the iOS version, there will be made available a full functional version for free. Also a paid version will be introduced with support for multiple locations and a user interface optimized for tablets. These features will also find their way to a paid version of the iOS App.

As only autodetection has been implemented at this moment, the App might not work in all cases and some things might be missing. However, all feedback is welcome. Google Groups or this forum can be used for asking questions and feedback: Redirecting to Google Groups

With kind regards,

Antoine Savelkoul