Ecolink Eco-DW & Fibaro FGK-101 issues

I have this sensor:
Manufacturerinfo 330,1,2
versioninfo 6,3,40,2,0
That is connected to a pressure mat and should trip when there is weight on the mat. I believe that the normal state would be NO then; correct? Obviously, it always shows tripped in Vera since the pressure mat normally has no weight on it - though in Imperihome I can invert the icon. Is it possible to change a setting somewhere to the other way [1to0 or 0to1]? Also, would that alter the speed at which the battery drains?


same sensor elsewhere in my system hooked to a refrigerator door; It worked for awhile and then got unreliable tripping randomly. Currently, it shows tripped and doesn’t want to untrip. As it was set to trip a rather loud alarm if left open for more than 10 minutes, I’ve had to disable the scene with the alarm feature. Any ideas?

Fibaro FGK-101
manufacturerinfo 271,1793,8193
versioninfo 3,4,5,3,2
How do I know if this is firmware 3.2+ or 2.5-?
How do I know if its zwave or zwave gen 5+?
The battery drained in less than 8 months being used with 3600s wakeup and 1800s poll while connected to a temp probe and mounted externally on a freezer door. I’ve replaced the battery and it’s been a week with an 8% drain already; plus, it is staying in the tripped state. Thoughts?

Thanks. Sorry to put 3 items in one topic, but trying to simplify things for expediency.


For the first issue that you have, this can be changed by reversing the values between parameter 1 and parameter 2. For the fibaro sensor that you have if you check this page:

you’ll see exactly the meaning of the values for the variable Version Info. In your case the sensor is generation 5+ and it’s running on 3.2 firmware version.

Also because we need to further investigate why your sensors are staying in a tripped state, please note that we have created a trouble ticket for you. As soon as you have time please reply.

Thank you and Have a nice day,