Ecobee - Can't configure - PIN needs to be numerical


I have had my ecobee for a while, I used to have it integrated with my old Vera Edge, but after upgrading to Vera Plus, I never added the ecobee back in. So, I am trying to get this working. I click on “Get Pin” in the Vera ecobee App and it creates a 4 character pin that includes letters and sometimes a number. When I type that into the site under Access Control, the PIN box stays highlighted in orange and I can’t save the Enable.

I tried typing a random 4 digit number in the PIN box and it clears the orange highlight and the Save button becomes clickable. So, I assume ecobee is requiring a PIN of numbers only and the app keeps generating a mix of letters and numbers.

Any solutions on this?


My Ecobee has been working successfully with my Vera Plus until last week. Plugin stopped working last week and now the temps on the Vera app are incorrect and not adjustable


Mine is still working. I authored the changes from versions 1.6 to 1.8 of the plugin. Are you not able to connect to the ecobee API like bvaughn76?


This is a bit surprising. I just checked my ecobee account and am not seeing the orange highlight you are refering to when trying to add an app. My button though is called “validate” not “save”. Can you try not to use the phone app but instead to login to your account through the webpage?

You’re trying to enter the pin in the wrong place. Access control is just that. You are trying to add an app to the site. In the top right corner of the web page is a menu that looks like a person with some lines. Click that and select MY APPS…

OK, mine is working correctly now thanks to Vera Support…the latest Vera firmware upgrade had caused some corruption issues due to insufficient space on the Vera unit.
Thank you.