Ecobee 3

Any plans to integrate in to Vera portfolio of devices?

There is a vera plug-in for the Ecobee now. I’m using it with 3 Ecobee’s now. Generally it works well, although it sometimes looses it’s connection and I have to generate a new ‘pin’ for it an re-authorize on the ecobee web site (2 or 3 times per year so far)

Unfortunately Ecobee3 does not take the pins that the plugin request, it must be for the older models.

Yes it does… It supports both the old and the ecobee 3. I have been using it for a couple of years. Where do you see it not work?

Nope tried it again to put the 4 digit code in and it will not allow me to save, it appears it only excepts number only and codes that the plugin generates have letters.

That is definitely odd, as it works fine for me. I hit 'Get Pin", go to, sign in, in the menu on the right (the people icon), click My Apps, click “Add Application”, paste in the pin and hit ok… is that what you are doing?

Ok i got the app installed on my ecobee…what is the next step?

Trying to figure out the vera now…ecobee took the code…do i have to add other components

Where do I find “comma-separated list of thermostat identifiers (no spaces and 25 identifiers maximum)” at ?

Got it working, just had to reinstall a few times. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it… sorry, been offline a couple of days