Easy (Easier) way to make your vera speak and do sound alerts - UPDATED for Mac

I was looking for a way to do speech alerts and came across this thread


This is an old thread but it was a helpful one … I thought I would update with some more helpful and updated information. The details provided were for pre VLC 2.1 and Windows… Below is information for setting up VLC 2.1+ on a Mac. I tried to link image files but perhaps the site does not allow embedding images, you may need to click on the links for the pics

  1. Download VLC 2.1

  2. Install VLC (dragging to Applications folder)

  3. Open VLC application

  4. Go to VLC->Preferences and click Show All

  5. Select Interface -> Main Interface and Click on Web checkbox

  6. Select Lua and in the Lua HTTP Password box enter your password

  7. Click Save and Restart VLC

  8. Select your media file in VLC player - Select File->Advanced Open File->Browse and browse to the file you want to play

  9. Click on the Media Resource Locator (MRL) drop down in the same window. This will show you the exact file location of the file you are trying to open. It’ll be something like “file:///Users/macusername/Documents/light_on.wav”

  10. If you have firewall activated on your Mac, you need to allow access as follows:

a. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy

b, Select Firewall options:

c. Add VLC to allow incoming connections

Now put the following luascript command in your luascript editor NOTE: replace password with your password, replace with your IP address and replace the file with your file location from MRL above:

os.execute(‘curl -g “http://:password@”’)

The only thing is that your Mac needs to be on and VLC player needs to be running. Thanks to the original poster who initiated this!

That?s it! Hopefully people find this useful