Dylos DC1100 Air Quality Monitor

My obsession with air quality has not waned, today I purchased a Dylos DC1100 Pro PC monitor with a serial interface. I will be working on a plugin for Vera. If anyone is interested or has any particular requests, please let me know. My plan is to currently have the two particle count sizes (small, large) show up as individual devices.

One could then create scenes around the particle counts.


1.) Turn on an ionizer or UVC lamp if the particle size gets above a certain threshold
2.) Adjust a motorized damper in a semi-clean room
3.) Activate a window treatment (close a window) if its really dusty outside
4.) Shut down a sensitive piece of equipment, or alarm a room that might be disrupted by high particle counts (photostudio, server room, workshop, etc)

I picked the DC1100 because it is the cheapest laser particle counter on the market by a LOT. Very cool device.


You might find [tt]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=4705.0[/tt] interesting.

Very nice! The Dylos has a much higher resolution it looks like, so I think it will be more practical from that point of view. My primary motivation was to see if this could measure the efficacy of my home-built in-duct ionizer (controlled by a z-wave outlet) so I’ll be posting a bunch about that too :slight_smile: