Duwi Switch, shuts off after few minutes (cold?)

I Have a “Duwi Switch” placed outside, dry but cold environment, (as a temporarily solution) to control my outdoor-lights (sundown/sunset)
Suddenly my Duwi Switch, was not able to keep the power flowing more then a couple of minutes, before it goes black. Vera (UI4) still thinks its ON, and I have to make Vera send the OFF-signal and ON-again to get it started. This started after the temperature went down to about 0 degree Celsius at night. Could this be the reason?

I will try to i tomorrow daytime when the temperature has risen (15-20 Celsius), as I cant remember what temperature it was when i actually installed it
This has been working fine all summer.
I have removed every scene containing this switch, and still only works for a couple of minutes.

I have same problem with my duwi 05431 switches. Light turns off in couple of minutes. Allready have one replaced by seller.