Duwi 05460 Wall Mount Scene Controller doesn't work

Hi people!
I had some troubles with Duwi 05460 Wall Mount Scene Controller - I can include it to my z-wave network, but I can’t trigger any scene.

I assume it works the same as ZME 06443, but this article didn’t help me.

After adding Duwi 05460 to vera3 z-wave network I press “Configure node right now”, than UI5 says “Getting the name”. Than I press up button on Duwi 05460 three times and it send NIF, I can see “Setting special Association” and than “Failed at: Setting special association”.

So I can’t trigger any scene with my Duwi 05460.

What shall I do?

Thanks to all!

Hi Mike,

As far as I am aware, the Duwi wall controller cannot trigger scenes. The ZME 06443 is different; the hardware is identical but has improved firmware which is capable of triggering scenes (although there are issues with that… MCV is working on it).

Both versions can be challenging to get configured. You have to keep giving triple-clicks on the device to keep it awake during the setup phase, and the interval between each triple-click can be tricky to get right.

well - bad luck! :-\

Is there any method to make it triger scene?

I found this blog in french:

and man stands that it is possible to make duwi work with vera

It works with Vera only in the sense that it lets itself be included into your Zwave network by Vera. But I know of no way to make it trigger scenes, and you cannot manage device associations through Vera either.

I have several of these and I just use them as 2-way switches, i.e. I link them to other Zwave controlled light switches, so that I can control one light in two places.

Hi intveltr,


Can you post the steps for linking a second controller to the light switch? I have been unsuccessfully trying to do this with Duewi 064435 Wall Controllers.


Triple-click the “up” button on the Duwi controller. The LED should blink green. Then do what is necessary on the switch to be linked to the Duwi. Usually this will be a triple-click on the on/off button as well.

Thank you intveltr. This worked. Embarrassingly easy.

Does this mean i can use the associations from Vera instead of manually have to pair them? I want to pair with equipment which is build behind a drywall. During what stage do i have to keep 3-clicking the device to use vera3 associations?


This is necessary when Vera is configuring the Duwi switch. I’m not sure though if the associations can be set from Vera

Hi all :slight_smile:

One year later, what about the Duwi 05460 ?..
Is it now possible to trigger scene with it ? If not, when can we add the Duwi 05460 in the Vera as a scene controller ?

Thx for your attention