Dutch Smart meter additional plug in

To be onest i have no idea
My power meter is an iskra and has an outgoing gate which gives the data

How your meter is working i do not know
I have made an additional plug in for reading the power consumption over a period of time
I use the dats from the original plugin is as on the forum

Sorry to say i can not assist
Rgds Huib

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I have a Kamstrup and am using this plugin

Thanks Huib and Crismaison.
I dont know how to make my kamstrup work properly. Right now it shows kwh ok, but w x 1000 i think.
A friend of mine has a solar system and would like to have his powermeter to work too, but ther is not mutch help to get.
I once saw a picture of a dutch meter and it was a kamstrup type so I thougt you might be on to something.
I have tried to have MCV to look at it put no luck yet.

Do you connect it via a cable to the vera?

No, the device is put in a slot in the main meter and zwave opperated.
Routing slave.