Duplicated and triplicated scene triggers

Hi, I have one scene that is fired everytime PIN * is entered in my lock. This works “fine” because it doesn’t matter if the same user enter two or more times in a row during the day without another user entering in the meantime. The problem I am having is that sometimes, the lock sends the signal two or three times, so the scene is triggered two or three times within 10 or 15 seconds. I am thinking about migrating this to PLEG so it can “filter” the second and third time in 15 seconds that the trigger occurs, but without losing sight that after those 15 seconds, the same user can reenter and it is a “new” entry, so it should fire the action. Hope someone could give me some idea.



_DebouncedTrigger Trigger @ 2 > 1:00

This will trigger every time Trigger is sent as long as it is more than 1 minute since the previous trigger.

Ok, I will try, but you are using Trigger @ 2, does this means that if the lock sends the signal three times, I will receive the first and third? I receive between 1 and 4 alerts each time, it is random.