Duplicate Systems

Hi all,

I’m hoping you can share with me the best (and most time efficient) way of rolling out duplicate systems.

Assume I have an apartment block with 40 identical rooms. Lighting, Door Lock, all the goodies…

Is there a process for creating a template? So that I’m not recreating the scenes and other configurations each time a new room is Setup.

If there is no way to ‘duplicate’ configurations, then what would be the next most efficient way of implementing this kind of roll-out?

Thanks in advance for any response!


You can create a backup and restore it to the other units. Your devices will not appear in you new unit and you’ll have to update scene with the new devices. This may save some time. It is possible to create a custom backup.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I figured this might be the fasted way of doing it.

Just to ensure I have read this correctly:

1- Comple first project
2- Backup the project
3- Start new (duplicate) project
4- ‘Restore’ the backed up version of previous project

This will bring across all settings and scenes names, but I will need to re-add all of my device. Then (after re-adding devices) re-configure all of my scenes for the new devices.

Let me know if I have misunderstood!


It seems right. Just remember that when you restore between different units the SSH password are copied as well, but not the WiFi pass. So if you need to login to a restored Vera through SSH you will have to use the original password (WiFi pass-phrase). Creating a custom backup would solve this, but is more complicated.