DSC with EnvisaLink 3 - Zone X to "Windows"

Purchased the EnvisaLink 3 for a DSC system - works great! One problem - how do you put Zone X to Devices–>Windows? It’s currently in Devices–>Sensors

When you configure “DSC” you have DoorZones, MotionZones and SmokeZones but no WindowsZones. . .

My goal is to have the Windows Zone on the DSC appear in the Devices–>Windows where it should logically appear.


I set all my zones to motion (per an upgrade instruction I read). The zone “type” isn’t a huge concern because they all have the same properties. They end up in sensors because that is what they are. The Window devices are for devices designed to operate window treatments. My suggestion would be to name the devices with Window terminology and assign them to the room. “Front Window Contact” as an example…

That is because there is no such device type of Window Sensor in Vera. The dsc uses standard device types for compatibility.

  • Garrett

Thanks Folks!