dsc ptk5507


Quick question I’ve done a whole lot of reading and searching regarding integrating a dsc alarm with vera and have learned alot.

My question is if I’ll have any trouble communicating with vera if I only use a PTK5507 touchscreen as the only keypad in the house? I read someone was having trouble if the keypad was set to power saving mode and display turned off causing vera and alarm to stop communicating…

Did you go ahead and buy a PTK5507? Any comments about how it works? Your comment about it’s sleep mode is putting me off buying one.


I have 3 PTK5507 keypads and also use the EnvisiLink to communicate with Vera and have not had any difficulties.

Yeah I went ahead and did it whole system is installed it works great.

The PTK5507 is in every way compatible with your Envisalink set up.

The PTK5507 is a “non alpha” keypad. The Zone input on this keypad does not work. These two statements may have some consequences on your overall system design, so beware, as neither of these facts are well documented. Beyond this, it’s a fantastic, if sometimes even too big of a keypad.

DSC systems are barely aware that an Envisalink is on the system. Eyez-On made it identify itself as a DVACs module. This was an old stand-alone high security communication medium back in the day. It means in a sense, the DSC isn’t aware that it’s being manipulated via IP at all. As such, play with your system design however you please. All you have to do, is stay within the Power Series line of panels.