DSC Powerseries Neo Interface

Does anyone know if there is anyway to interface Vera to a DSC Powerseries Neo security system?

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We are Wondering the same thing. Anyone have info or experience with the newer panels?

Assuming this post is correct:


they have changed the 4 wire interface.

The old POT phone lines are disappearing rapidly, so DSC must have decided to produce their own LAN interface for the Neo. This brochure suggests the Neo can do remote firmware upgrades, so there must have a LAN PCB somewhere in the mix?

I can also imagine that the Envisalink has been pretty successful and therefore DSC may have come up with its own API for home automation. That would be a huge plus for them.

A little off topic; the Neo allows 128 zones over the current Powerseries 64 zones. Has any one managed to have Vera handle all 64 zones successfully? I’m just trying to picture 128 zone icons in Vera’s web page GUI using a Neo !!

There are other alarms that integrate that can have more than 128 zones…

That is correct they did change the keybus and provide NEO specific keypad.

DSC have always had a number of their own products to support home automation all the way back to x10 and later the IT100 and its API. Which was the basis for Envisalink project.

They have always had LAN/IP interfaces and for the NEO see

I would suggest that if it is DSC, they would go the cloud route like Honeywell.

I am looking at alarm systems and came across the PowerSeries Neo. On this forum the DSC PC systems (along with Honeywell ademco) seem to be popular. It’s my understanding that the Neo is a newer version. Is this correct and does it integrate the same way as the DSC PC18xx systems? How does it compare to those systems in regards to notifications and remote control as well as any potential monthly costs?

To my knowledge the DSC Neo is not supported by Vera. There is no plugin integration with this system. Only the PowerSeries is supported.

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Thanks. Do you know if this is because nobody developed a plug-in or because DSC Neo is closed, i.e. Neo does not have an API so no plug-in can be created (without hacks which probably will fail sooner or later)?

There an app available here in Thailand for Neo Powerseries… may be there is a way to get an API for it… May be some of you knows a little bit more than I do…

Anyone knows if it is possible to link the DSC Neo Powerseries since they an app available…?

No, it uses different protocol and it isn’t compatible with EVL or IT100

The issue with the NEO is NOT protocol related. DSC has decided to encrypt the communications both for the wired and wireless portions of the NEO system. The old DSC protocol was pretty simple and very old and with simple devices could be spoofed. The wireless duplicated or jammed (Resolution Products makes a line of compatible wireless devices for OLD powerseries) Anyone could power down a DSC and add an envisalink without anyone noticing because the keybus is just that simple.

The new encrypted data is much more secure and every wireless device is bidirectional in nature all NEO devices are 2 way communicators wired and wireless.

The previous post about software for remote access is correct. It is available overseas called NEO GO APP. DSC will release it for North America this year sometime (I was told) its still BETA testing in smaller markets and improving their Server reliability.

I doubt that DSC will share the encryption details with anyone any time soon.

I am a security professional with over 30 years of using and integrating DSC products

@safeguard, thank you for your in depth explaination… the it is not protocol related and expanding on that to clarify the old protocol was unencrypted whereby, the protocol introduced with the NEO is encrypted :wink: I try to keep it simple

For 1832 would I need EVL4 to connect to Vera?
Basically EVL4 and Vera do same thing in terms of remote management.

@pix530, the EVL4 is the best option to integrate your DSC1832 with your Vera.

Effectively, the EVL4 exposes the DSC1832 functions to enable the Vera to send commands.

For more details see

May be it is a good news… see the file attached…

DSC Powerseries NEO with Control 4…

Just to recall you that DSC seems to have interest of connecting the [glow=red,2,300]DSC Powerseries NEO[/glow] to Z-wave…

I like to know if Vera has been in contact with them…

“Two-tier security programme
The program is comprised of two tiers ? The Model Home Programme and The Community Programme, both featuring home security and automation packages including features such as lighting and temperature control as well as appliance control with Z-Wave smart sockets through DSC?s PowerSeries Neo scalable hybrid wireless platform. The launch of the programmes comes at a time of increasing interest in smart home technology by consumers.”

The zwave interface is via the alarm.com cellular transmitter. The way that control 4 interfaces is via the DSC internet transmitter but you can’t use both on the same panel.

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I installed a Honeywell lyric Friday and it has wifi, Bluetooth and zwave built in. Supports a lot of zwave devices but I have no idea if it plays well with others. I must admit that I liked it.

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I was looking into Neo series for my new system to go with Vera I guess I will have to hold up a bit and do more research. I hope there has been something done 2016 year