DSC not armed, nothing happens

I’m trying to send a notification when a door is opened using a DSC door sensor and when the alarm is disarmed. Vera sees Zone1 and the icon changes when the door is opened and closed.

Here are my PLEG settings:
Trigger: Device - Zone1, Name - tZone1Tripped, Event Type - A sensor , Tripped - Device is tripped
Condition: Name - cZone1Tripped, Expression - tZone1Tripped
Notification: Name - DoorOpen, Description - …has satisfied condition cZone1Tripped, Notify - me

Nothing happens when I open the door. I tried adding an Action of turning on a light, but that did not work either. What am I doing wrong? Does the alarm have to be armed?

Thank you,

Did you upgrade from ui5 to ui7? There is a bug with how door sensors are managed when you change from ui5 to ui7. Richard explained it in a post a while back. A really simple fix is to change the sensor type to a motion sensor. Otherwise I think you have remove and re add the dsc plugin.

Sorry, I should have given my setup. I’m on UI5. I’m using Veralite (green and white box) and an unregistered 7.47 version of PLEG.

For troubleshooting, I created a scene in Vera, without PLEG, and configured the same trigger and it worked. However, I’d prefer to use PLEG to make the conditions easier to setup because the goal is to have a more complex condition. I also created a PLEG with a light switch and notification and it worked.

This is my first time using PLEG, even though I had it installed since last year. I didn’t really need complex conditions until I started installing and configuring my DSC. Maybe I should go to ui7? i don’t have many zwave devices (three light switches, a fan, and now the DSC plugin).


It would be best if you post a PDF of your status report. There are many little things that just copying the text doesn’t always show…