DSC Motion Sensors to trigger scene while Alarm Armed

Is it possible to arm my DSC system with Motion off but still use the motion sensors to trigger scenes?

I’ve integrated my DSC alarm into my Vera edge and I can see my door sensors. I would like to buy DSC motion sensors since they are cheaper than zwave wireless sensors.

FYI DSC motion detectors are not good for home automation scenes because they have a built-in delay. You should be able to find previous discussion on this topic.

Wired DSC motion sensors do not have the delay.

Yes, you can mark the Motion Detectors as NOT participating in the ALARM function All the time, or when in STAY mode (i.e. when you are home, and only have the alarm monitoring the perimeter doors, and windows).

And the wireless motions with the 6 second delay are good for non-lighting applications. Like climate control…

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