DSC & EVL3 Questions

I initially leaned towards the Honeywell 21ip as it seemed more up-to-date/modern (access from web, keypads, etc) than the DSC PC units. However, after going through a lot more threads on this forum I think I finally decided on the DSC PC1864 due to more zones, a more developed plugin (it seems) with the EVL3, good documentation of the plugin, etc. However, before pulling the trigger I have some questions:

  • I found a couple of comments saying that there is a delay with using the EVL3. Is that indeed the case? This is a very important point for me as I plan to add certain sensors like motion sensors to the alarm system rather than adding z-wave sensors and trigger scenes from these sensors. So the response should be immediate.

  • The system should not fail with “crash and smash” attacks. It seems the Honeywell Lynx are prone to this (unless they are newer and using cellular monitoring). How about the DSC PC systems?

  • Does the DSC PC1864 qualify for insurance benefits?

  1. There is no delay using the EVL3. The delay you may be referring to is when used with the wireless motion sensors.

  2. The panel itself should be in a hard to access location that would require tripping the alarm sensors. The keypad is hardwired to the panel and will trip if looses communication. Usually most people install the panel in a closet. The smash and grab issue is related due to the alarm unit being all in one.

  3. Most insurance companies require the alarm panel to be monitored in order to receive any insurance benefits.

  • Garrett

Did you end up going with the Honeywell of DSC. I have the same thing to figure out for a new build. As you write, Honeywell looks newer and slicker and has the Total Connect interface as a fall back, but the DSC appears to integrate with Vera better. Any advice for me?

Would love to know this too!