Droplet watering system with targeted watering

Found this which looks pretty cool for targeted watering of each plant.

Control over wifi so could be integrated with Vera.

Droplet Robotics Sprinkler - $299.00 at Amazon.

I’d be curious to hear about real world usage. I’m pretty skeptical about this one.

It is awesome. I think they are definitely onto something, particularly in arid climes where you need that spot-on accuracy.

I’d be concerned that my landscaper would use it as a target to crush it with his mower.

… and George Lucas wants his royalty check. (R2D2 lookalike)

Tie it to a Security camera, and some grid-based motion detection, and I could use that to target stray animals in the backyard.

Ahh so many unexpected uses 8)

Yes, this it could be so much fun. What is missing is the full details such as power supply and they do not send it here to Oz currently.

I’m pessimistic it will work. However, it is wicked cool idea.

I wonder how and if they deal with (and compensate) pressure changes and other things such as fowling of the nozzle that would cause the aim to be off?

Either way, pretty cool, and an upgrade on my Etherrain… which is also used as a Cat deterrent already for when the neighbors cats visit :slight_smile: