Dramatic increase in number of Luup Files?

Anyone else notice a recent dramatic surge in the number of files residing in your Vera’s /cmh-ludl folder? About a week ago, while just casually inspecting my list of files in Apps > Develop > Luup Files, I couldn’t help noticing a TON more there than I have been accustomed to seeing.

If so, is this the result of all the DEVICE_CLASSES ezlo’s team has been building? (Most of the files are named in such a way as to suggest they belong to a particular brand or model of HA product.) And, even if necessary for that purpose, I wonder how much space they take up collectively on the filesystem.

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Yes, they’re all there.

This is a pretty fundamental weakness of Vera arising from the use of UPnP files to define devices and a completely chaotic approach the device_type, category, and subcategory attributes.

At least, these files are relatively small, especially after compression. It does, however, make apps which display and manipulate Vera devices somewhat more complex and fragile.

There are design solutions to these issues in terms of a future development path, but I fear that’s not actually the direction which Ezlo is following.


I’m relieved to see the 200+ files involved take up less than 2.0 MB on my Vera. Surely a good 20% or more belong to devices and plug-ins I actually use, but yeah, this approach does not impress me much from an organizational or optimizational standpoint.

I can’t +1 @akbooer’s comments enough.

I would point out just a detail: as it is today, many of these files should be in /etc/cmh-lu and not /etc/cmh-ludl. The Apps > Develop apps > Luup files listing conflates these two directories, so you can’t tell from there. You have to SSH in and take inventory that way. But if, for example, you literally have D_MotionSensor1.xml in /etc/cmh-ludl (with “dl” at the end), that’s not good. System-defined service and device files should only be in /etc/cmh-lu… and user- or plugin-defined device and service files should only be in /etc/cmh-ludl. To do otherwise risks incorrectly redefining a system service and causing all kinds of interesting behavior.

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Glad I’m not the only one rather surprised and alarmed to see those additional files spring up in that location (which I double-checked in WinSCP before posting). As someone who vary carefully grooms folders for any and all excess/old/large/extraneous files, this subject is near and dear to me.

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