Download some logfiles from vera

I have set up vera to write some local log files. Now I want to copy those files to my laptop + release the filespace. What might be the most convient way of doing that. I am using putty to login (telnet) to vera but I did not find away to do file upload with it.

Do I have to set up vera ot my PC as a FTP server or how to copy the files over?


Why don’t you use Vera usb logging? Just plug in a Usb storage stick to Vera and enable the option in Vera log setting. You can copy the logs from the usb to your laptop later.

Use an SCP or SFTP client to transfer the logs from Vera, which is an SFTP and SCP server… There is a Putty command line SFTP client. There are also several GUI clients including Fillezilla and WinSCP.

Ok I did install WinSCP to my laptop. The vera seems not to have the sftp process runing,

At least I can not find the sftp server process from my vera edge. Should there be one ? Is there a way to start the SFTP deamon manually?

SFTP is part of the SSH daemon which runs by default. Unless you did something bad, SSH(SFTP) is running on your Vera.

If, in the GUI, you chose the “Secure my Vera” option, then you turned on a firewall that blocks all local access to Vera, including SSH(SFTP). Uncheck “Secure my Vera” and your WinSCP client should be able to establish an SFTP session.

Ok now I have add an additional userId to vera that has /www as its home directory, I can login with that via putty. WinScp don’t give authentication error but it just blinks after I have enterd the correct passwd. If I do enter wrong passwd I can see Access denied message, What am I doing wrong ?

Just for the record … I did get file transfer work via chancing the WINSCP file protocol from SFTP to SCP on the client side (laptop).