Downgraded to UI5

Last night I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to UI7. I completely forgot that one of the blocking items before was the removal of Heat and Cool set temperatures for thermostats like mine. I can’t believe that still haven’t been added back in. I downgraded back to UI5 sadly.

hello - could you pls share with me how you actually did the downgrade? i am thinking of going to ui7 but only if i have a way back


I couldn’t tell you now, but I just searched for how to do it. I don’t remember it being anything hard at all.

thanks all the same :slight_smile:

Which device did you downgrade? I’m having exactly the same problem but I went from Vera2 to VeraPlus so my only option appears to be to go back to the Vera2.

My dislike of UI7 is about 9.5 on the Richter scale, the thermostat heat/cool problem is just ridiculous to the point of stupidity, it means I need two scenes for every one I currently have. The clunkiness of the editing procedure also seems to be designed to make the blood boil, but I’d be willing to live with that if it weren’t for the thermostat setting problem, since I rarely need to edit scenes.

I went back to the Vera2 yesterday but had trouble reconnecting one of the thermostats (the original migration doesn’t really work, you end up having to either re-pair or reconfigure all the devices anyway), and when I called the helpdesk they persuaded me to give the VeraPlus another chance, which I’m trying. I’d really like to keep it because I upgraded so I could use the garage door controller I bought, but so far it’s been nothing but pain and frustration. As far as I know, I can’t run UI5 on the Plus.