Downgrade to UI5 undone by automatic upgrade to UI6

I recently bought a Vera Lite that came with UI6. After experiencing a lot of issues, I decided to downgrade to UI5. That worked OK, and I was working out some of the kinks, when all of a sudden I was back on UI6. Apparently, it automatically upgraded itself.

Does anyone know if there is any way to prevent this?

Update: I spoke to Tech Support (for what that was worth). They said that there is a “forced upgrade link” on my account that someone would have to remove - but all of the techs that can do that “have finished their schedules” (and it’s 10:45am in California… mmmmkay). They will try to have it done tonight or tomorrow.

They are in France I believe, so 10:45 would be late afternoon/evening in France (I think).

Ah. They called me from a California number, so I figured they were in CA.

Or I am completely wrong! I thought they were in France, but I suppose I could be mistaken.

Or I am completely wrong! I thought they were in France, but I suppose I could be mistaken.[/quote]

Well on they have only the Hong Kong address listed.
If you look under Carreers they show two locations one is the hong kong office and one is in Romania.
I haven’t found a France or a California address, not to say they don’t have a call center or calls forwarded from a California location.

With that being said tho if you look at the phone number on their website

Phone: +1 (866) 966-2272 Email: Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time Zone (UTC−8 )

It shows pacific Time which goes with the California theory.

So who knows where they are really hiding?

I am probably just mis-remembering…I do that a lot recently and work has been an absolute horror the past two weeks so I’m sure I have plenty of fried brain cells.

I decided to do the full court press today. I emailed them and used the support chat. With support chat, it was done in 15 minutes. Sweet!

…Now if I can just get my PLEG conditions back… Ugh.