Doorbell with 2-way audio function.

Time for a new project.

2-way communication with someone at the gate.

Objective: when someone presses the doorbell I want to be able to talk to that person.

-universal sensor from fibaro is setup with the doorbell and gives a notification with vera-alerts.
-A cheap android cellphone will be installed near my gate ( with wifi) with an external microphone and speaker.
-autovera and tasker is installed: the idea is that when the doorbell is pressed, the android device does something.
-skype is installed and “automatic answer call” is activated.

On my phone which I keep with me ,also skype is installed.

Now… time to set it all up.

Doorbell is pressed, I get a notification from vera alerts >> I can call the android phone at my gate : this works.

Next step: Doorbell is pressed, I want the android device at my gate to call a skype contact… this is more difficult.

  • I think I can make with autovera and tasker , that when the sensor from the doorbell is active tasker does “something” . That something needs to be , call a specific contact on skype. I have no idea how to do that , anyone has an idea?
    I have allready setup tasker , that skype will be automatically started when the android device is booted, but now I am stuck.


Tasker has a “call” task that you can have trigger. I don’t use skype but would assume you could make a setting to have skype as your default dialer on the old phone and have your every day phone have skype auto answer.

Not having the phone sleep, not password protected and connected to your wifi, would be my biggest concern about the set up.

So far I have tried to use the “auto answer” option with skype. But is doesn’t work good enough ,9 out of 10 times , the phone will not auto anwer.

@ RD: Thanks for your input. I just looked at it, I can just insert a number over there how it looks like , but not a contact. Do you know any option for that? I don’t want the phone to call a phonenumber , but a skype contact. ( skype to skype).

Your concerns: The phone will be always on and connected to my wifi and not password protected :slight_smile: I don’t think this will be an issue , since the phone will be hidden away in a plastic IP66 box, microphone and speaker will be external.



@ EarlyMorningHours: thanks for thinkingalong as well. for the video feed I use Blue iris , one of the best suveilance programms you can find and it doesn’t cost a lot.

The issue I have is the audio part ,I would like to phone to my door ( gate) and vice versa with skype. So far I am not succesfull , for the phone automatically dial a number when “odered” by tasker and autovera. And the auto-answer function from skype doesn’t work good enough.

I am still trying what “RD” says , but my tablet and phone ( Samstung tab3 and S4) doesn’t have the option to have skype as the default call funtion. I will try when I am at home the cheap chinese phone I bought.