Door Status

I added the DSC panel to the Vera with the EnvisaLink3 and the doors, etc populated. From the main Vera screen I see the zones and arm / disarm for each zone. What I’m missing is where you can see the zone status of opened or closed for each zone. I see that I can create notifications based on this, but I was hoping to see on the dashboard this information.

It’s already there!

I must be missing something as I don’t see it. I’ve attached a screenshot of the zones.

Now open a door and notice the difference

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The gray arches over the symbol turns read when open.

That’s defiantly not happening. The DSC touchscreen shows the zone status correctly as open / closed. The plugin does not seem to be receiving the status updates from the panel. Is there a way to debug this? It’s a DSC 1864 panel with EnvisaLink3.

Did you register the EVL on the EyesOn website…? I think I recall that was required to get the device to actually send status updates. If you did already register it then look to see if their website sees sensor status changes.

Yes I registered it on the EyesOn website. Their website is showing the sensor status change. Does the EVL push updates to the plugin or does the plugin pull the EVL? Is there a log I can view?

Not sure, that would be a question for the developer.

I just installed an EVL4 and am having the same problem, did anyone find a solution?


Looks like I got it fixed, needed to add the port number on the IP setup

port 4025

These instructions also helped