Door sensor unreliable state

I have 3 linear WADWAZ-1 door/window sensors. They used to work just fine for the past 6 month and my door auto close is based on the state of the sensor. But recently they become unreliable. It is like when I close the door, the sensor still shows open and my auto lock scene check the sensor state so it won’t lock my door automatically as the sensor indicates the door is still open while it is actually closed.
But I checked the sensors, they look just fine. I open the door it blinks once and I close the door it blinks again. Seems like the signal got lost and veralite didn’t update the state. If I try multiple times, it will get it right, but as a sensor for the door, it is simply not good enough.
I have total 3 of the same door sensor, they all start to have this issue recently. I have 44 devices including some virtual ones and recently added a ip camera and set it up to take snapshot every minute. But my other motion sensors are not having issues and lighting auto control is working fine and no longer delay than usual.
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

  1. A bad/failing node on the network. - This could be hard to find. You might try power cycling the breakers to your wall swicthes and other powered Z-Wave nodes in hopes of resetting them.

  2. Routing issue. - A network heal should resolve this unless it is caused by a bad/failing node.

  3. Vera too busy. - Turn off the camera save every minute. Vera isn’t a DVR, don’t try using it as one.

I just saw some posts about the bug of the latest UI7 firmware. I happened to update mine also and all the issues came after that. But my PIR sensors are mostly OK,only the door sensors. Their issues are the same, sensors get tripped and refuse to go back. I’ll also try your suggestions while waiting for a fix update. The camera is directly sending pictures to my NAS, veralite just have a live view, I don’t think it can take picture as the storage of vera is so small.