Door Sensor Turns on Garage Opener Siren when Tripped

Ok, so I’m adding more devices and setting up some scenes and ran across this interesting situation. I’m assuming this may be working as intended but certainly wasn’t my expectation.

I have two Linear GD00Z-4 garage door openers. When I added them I get three devices. The opener, the light and the siren. All of which can be turned on or off (except my lights are burned out so that’s a bummer) which is cool but…

In setting up a door sensor with the plan to have it turn on a light when the door is opened, I found out that if the sensor is armed and opened, it turns on the sirens on the garage door openers without the need for a scene. I assume this is because the sensor is armed. I was creating my scene with it being armed that way if for some reason I wanted to disable it, I could just disarm the sensor.

My challenge is I have another sensor (GE door hinge sensor) that I plan to use in a similar fashion to turn on lights when we come home at night. I don’t want it to turn on the sirens every time we come home.

I guess I could just not use the armed state on the sensors as a workaround. I’m assuming now if you have sirens as devices and sensors that are armed, there’s an automatic activation of sirens when motion is detected on the sensors.

Working as intended?

That worked. Thanks. Not sure I would have ever found that.

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