Door Sensor Routing Problem

I have an issue with a door sensor (AEOTEC BY AEON LABS Z-WAVE PLUS DOOR WINDOW SENSOR 6 ZW112). It is battery powered and has altid 26. Most of the time it does not work (though sometimes it does), probably because it is too far from Vera Plus controller.

The routing should be like this:


19 and 20 are line-powered devices physically very close to the sensor 26. The both work very reliably. But they don’t have the 26 in their Neighbors variable. And the sensor 26 does not see them either. When I go to see the variables on the sensor, it only says:

Neighbors: 1,

All of the devices are Z-Wave Plus Gen5, which are supposed to have a good range.

So how do I make the routing work? Obviously range is not an issue here since 19 and 20 work fine. The problem is I can’t make the routing update to include 26. Any idea how to do it? I wrote to Vera support, and their only suggestion was to add more intermediate devices. Which is unnecessary, since I already have enough.

I have the same issue with Neo Coolcam Door-Window sensor. I have Neo Coolcam Power Plug just 1-2 meters away (no obstacles) and it also does not see the DW sensor, although the power plug has reliable connection with the controller (PollRatings = 5.00).

I tried to exclude and include both devices, but I had to do it by moving the power plug and DW sensor close to the controller and back. When DW sensor is closer, it reliably communicates, but does not re-route when too far.

Another strange thing: when running “Update Neighbor Nodes” it is finished in fraction of second. Although I have 4 AC devices (power plugs) and 5 DC (DW sensors). And the detected neighbors are usually only the controller, although the power plugs are relatively close to each other.

Running Vera Plus on the latest firmware (1.7.2935)