Domitech Light Bulb


This looks good, but what does this mean?

It can be controlled via your smart device, even after it has been turned off by the normal wall switch. That means you can control your lighting and adjust its brightness, without worrying about whether it has been turned on/off from the wall switch.

How is that possible? Surely if you have one of these in a lamp, and the power is switched off, it cannot be turned on until the power is restored, unless there’s a battery in it?

When it says ‘turned off by the normal light switch’ I think they mean by toggling the switch off-on and not actually turning off the supply. The bulb will work as a repeater node as long as power is on. I think turning the switch off and leaving off is for maintenance only.
To my mind it’s too easy to accidentally turn off power although apparently it comes with a plastic cover for the switch to help.

That makes sense. Thanks.

Any reviews on these?
The website says a 75w equivalent is coming too. Any ideas on dates?


Sorry, no idea what they are like. I have z-wave switches and dimmers so these have no added value for me.
I find it odd with the operation with the switch and i am sure my wife would keep just turning the power off to it.

I have two where the light switches didn’t have neutrals ran to them. They work great and they have good light output. I do think they are best to be used where the light switch is rarely used. My example is we have a light on the side of our garage that we would also be too lazy to go walk out to the garage to turn on and/or off, but with this bulb it’s easily on at sundown and off at sunrise for us.
They do come with a clear tab that you can put on your switch plate to help keep people from turning the light off from the switch.

I have a reqest for these bulbs.
They work fine, but when turned on remotly they do not keep latest dim level, they go to100%.
Any solution to this ?
A software update or work around ?

You can buy a light switch which springs back to the original position so it simply toggles.

If you fit these where you use smart bulbs your sorted.

I don’t know much about spring operated switches, but I cannot see the difference. Light is turned on dimmed to e.g. 50%, I turn it off remotely, I turn it back on remotely, and it is now 100%.
Why should a spring switch change this ?
I would like it to stay on 50%.

Sorry, my solution was to people turning the switch off and supplying no power to the bulb.

OK Chris :wink:
Maybe I was not clear enough.
Still a solution would be welcome !
Reg. CE