Does anybody have the Aeotec Gen 5 Key FOB working

I have just purchased 2 Aeotec Gen 5 Key FOB ZW088-A and no matter what I do, I can’t get them to work with my Vera 3 running ver. 1.5.622. I can get them included in the system, and I can edit or start a new scene that will trigger a scene if a certain button is pressed, however when I press any of the buttons nothing happens. I also tried to configure the 250 1 byte Dec to one and no matter what I do, I cannot get it to configure. I have read an tried to the letter everything explained in both these posts :

Aeon Gen5 Key Fob ZW088-A not communicating with Vera.


Aeon Gen5 Key Fob ZW088-A

And still nothing. What is strange is that when I press any buttons in use mode, the light turns red; if I press an hold any of the buttons in use mode the light turns green.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just recently got the Aeotec Gen 5 Keyfob working on a VeraPlus with the latest firmware on UI7. It wasn’t easy at all though, and without the help of this forum I never would have been able to do it.

To be specific, I used the instructions in this post first:,29493.msg241697.html#msg241697

This way you have a fixed ‘D_SceneControllerAeon5.json’ file that will detect your scene activations. Then I followed these instructions:,29493.msg218898.html#msg218898

After this, all the buttons worked correctly:
Button 1 short press = 1
Button 1 long press = 2
Button 2 short press = 3
Button 2 long press = 4
Button 3 short press = 5
Button 3 long press = 6
Button 4 short press = 7
Button 4 long press = 8

I did not run into the issues of the mixed up scene numbers as described in that post, after fixing the device_json file everything seems to operate correctly.
My controller was a VeraPlus on the latest firmware, but hopefully this helps you get somewhere.

I just fought through this last night and can offer the following tips:

  1. When trying to initially pair the fob, it didn’t work with pressing the learn button, but was fine when using the pin. Sounds like you are through this step though.

  2. I was unable to configure the node using 1.5.622. Upgrading to 1.5.672 solved this problem.

Did you have any issues with other devices when you upgraded to 1.5.672?

Not that I have noticed so far, but I only upgraded last night. Will certain post here if anything arises.

I did try to update to 1.5.672, however it told me that I had to restore to factory default, then try to update to 672. Did you have to do this as well?

No - that sounds pretty severe…

What was the link that you used to upgrade?

I’m pretty sure (but not 100%) it was this one:

I’ve also created a UI5 version of jasondag’s button number fix:,29493.msg278848.html#msg278848

Thanks. I was able to upgrade to 672 last night, however that was done remotely. I will try to get them working when I get back home next week.

Hey pmnb,

just tested out my Key Fob Gen 5’s and they finally work. I still had to set the Configuration settings to 250, 1 byte Dec, Desired value at 1, then save. Then hold button 1 (so that it stays awake), go close to Vera controller and click on Configure Node right now in Settings (I had to do this a few times as the first trys did not take right away and gave me errors). Then I was able to create a new scene, use this _Scene Controller as a trigger, choose A scene is Activated, give the trigger a name and set Which Scene number to the button press. I noted that the buttons are a little screwy, however I can work with it as I was able to choose and activate all 8 button sequences to trigger scenes. Here are the numbers that are entered into Which Scene Number that correspond to the type of button press: 1 - Button 1 Short Press; 2 - Button 1 Long Press; 3 - Button 2 Short Press; 4 - Button 2 Long Press; 5 - Button 3 Short Press; 6 - Button 3 Long Press; 7 - Button 4 Short Press; 8 - Button 4 Long Press.

Thanks for all your help…much appreciated

A little frustrating, but I did get this key fob working. As usual, pairing never seems to go to plan. I tried following the instructions, but I couldn’t seem to get it to pair. Not sure what I did, but suddenly it was paired.

After that, I made a couple of configuration changes based on what I’ve read here and else where. I went to Device Options and created the Variable 250 with Data Size “1 byte dec” and Desired Value “1”. I also went to Advanced, then Commands, and Selected “Configure Node Right Now”. All this seemed to get the key fob working.

One thing I did NOT do was mess .json file to re-map the scenes/buttons. Mine seem to be mapped correctly from the get go. I have a Vera Plus, running UI 1.7.1786.

I’m having a major issue with battery life, though. After a couple of days, the battery life is down to 86%. I think the problem may be the Vera Plus was polling the device too often. Under Settings, I set the Wakeup Interval to 999999, the maximum possible. I also set it to poll the node once every 0 seconds, which means never poll. Hopefully this will decrease the battery draw.

There is no need for the Vera Plus to be in constant communication with the key fob. It should stay idle until I press a button to activate something. I’ll try these settings for a few days and see how it goes. If I have the replace the battery monthly, well then it is useless.