Does a simple event log exist in an iOS app?

It would be nice to see a running list similar to:

8:02 Front Door Opened
8:03 Front Door Closed
9:01 Kitchen Motion has something similar to above. The iOS app SimpleWave has an attempt at this but the event logging misses actions. I also don’t mind writing code to do this, perhaps in PLEG?


I use EventWatcher for this (via remote browser access). The plugin is very flexible.

Yes, that would work. The log looks like this (scrollable table, sortable by column)

Thank you all. I having trouble viewing (clicking) the EventWatcher event log from a remote browser. It seems the links from the control panel will not work over the MiOS servers (ui7). Is there an alternate way to view the same URL remotely?

Thanks for all the good suggestions and help

No, those links are only local. However , under UI5 you could embed authentication info in an HTTP request and do it remotely. I know that UI7 does things differently, but don’t know what. Perhaps someone can advise?

I guess it is stil not possible to open the EventWatcher reports from remote location on UI7? Or has someone found a workaround for this? I mean I can get the status reports from PLEG for example so maybe there is a way around this?

edit: I now started logging to Syslog from my VeraPlus and I can access the Syslog from remote so the above is not that important but it would be nice if it worked.

Aside from running a VPN, I don’t know of a way to do this remotely. The only alternative from syslog is to get EventWatcher to write to a file and then view that. For example you could generate the file in the /www/ tree and view with a browser. This is an existing option.

Actually, it would be possible to add an option to dump the HTML of the log display to a similarly located file and then browse that interactively. I’d not considered that before.

I don’t know how things work but I know that Richard are generating some reports from his plugins and this is working also remotely on UI7. I recall that you do not use PLEG and such so maybe your not familiar with these reports.