Do you ever plan to have an REST API?

Do you ever plan to have an API to support bringing a camera full screen or TTS?


In order for the app to receive events, I would need to incorporate push notifications. There is no way of adding a rest type api, or would require the app to run in the background listening. I have no plans at the moment to incorporate push notifications into the app as it would require additional resources and a server to handle the push notification requests.

  • Garrett

Imerihome just listens on port 8080 on the local LAN. No push server/notifications…I just call it with an LUA HTTP get. Sorry if I didn’t explain it well.

More details:

I’ll look into it, but it will be low priority on the list. I rather not having something running in the background as this can cause battery drain.

  • Garrett

Understood, this is more for an always on mounted on a wall (tablet) or table unit with AC power scnaerio like this device:

I would like this feature aswell imperihome works well with it, but sometimes I mite like to use AuthomationHD on my wallmount tablet. Optional for user incase of battery drain.