Do Dragon (aka HomeSeer) dimmer/switches WS100+/WD100+ support association?

The documentation is super confusing. It says on the HomeSeer sight that they do support direct association, but then when you read the manual, it says it supports group 1 and up to 5 devices, OK yep that seems normal, but then it goes on to say it only supports lifeline communication for group 1 which only consists of support for “manual reset”. Errr, what the heck does that mean?

Does anyone have these switches and know if they support normal group 1 direct associations (aka where you have one switch control another so they have matching states)?

I would assume that since they support instance status they also support direct association, but who knows with that crazy wording in the manual.

Instant status on HS switches does not work on Vera. They are using “central scene” command class for instant status which is not supported by Vera.

Ugg, what about the direct association, does it work to control other z-wave switches?

I have never heard of Dragon products and I don’t know if my new plugin for HomeSeer wall devices will automatically recognize the Dragon versions. HomeSeer has been regularly updating the firmware of their devices. I’m not sure whether the Dragon devices can take the same updates.

New scene controller plugin