DIY Z-Wave Doorbell using Schlage Window Sensor?

Just was wondering, has anyone tried making their own “Z-Wave Doorbell” by using a Schlage RS100HC window sensor? Apparently in the Schlage window sensor is a contact header on the circuit. Shorting (switch closed) the two screws on the contact header will signal a “switch closed” message to the Z-Wave controller.

Seems like you could just run two leads off your existing doorbell switch to the contact header, and setup a trigger in the MCV UI to turn on lights, send sms notification, record camera, etc in addition to your normal doorbell ding-donging.

I’m not an electrician so I don’t know what you would do with the voltage running to the doorbell (lighted doorbell). I think it’s 16V. Would that damage the Schlage circuit?

Have you not seen this thread?,23417.0.html

  • Garrett

Oops. I searched but didn’t see that thread.

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