DIY: Support for Cisco / Linksys WVC210 Camera (Pan / Tilt / Presets)

The WVC210 camera (probably WVC200 is the same) is only supported via the generic IP camera device so far. I really wanted to be able to use those unimplemented pan and zoom buttons that were staring me in the face every time I looked at the camera. I found the information on modifying the Panasonic XML for Foscam support to be a good example of how to make this work. The end result is that now my pan and zoom buttons actually control my cameras and it’s really very easy to do yourself. Here’s how (if you already have your generic camera device set up, skip to step 4):

  1. Install the Generic IP Camera plugin if you don’t have it already.
  2. Create your camera device and configure it on the Settings tab per the normal instructions
    a. set Url: /img/snapshot.cgi
    b. set your username, password, and IP address
  3. Save everything and make sure it works and gets images
  4. Grab the I_WVC210PTZ.xml attached to this post.
  5. Go to ToolBox → MiOS Developers → Luup Files
    a. Upload I_WVC210PTZ.xml
    b. Check ‘Restart Luup after upload’
    c. Click ‘Go’
  6. Go back to your Camera config → Advanced
  7. Under impl_file enter: I_WVC210PTZ.xml.lzo
  8. Save everything and try out the buttons below the camera image.

Here’s what they do:

  • Up - pan up
  • Down - pan down
  • Left - pan left
  • Right - pan right
    Although the actual camera web interface can zoom, I didn’t figure out how to control that yet so instead:
  • Zoom in - go to your first preset location
  • Zoom out - reset to center (or whatever you’ve defined as the center)

I’m hoping to eventually make a new device file for this camera so I can add buttons to the interface (more preset locations, patrol, set the right URL by default, and probably other stuff) but this is my quick fix for now.

I modified the generic camera device files to make the camera image bigger, move the buttons around, and add new buttons. This new interface arranges the up/down/left/right/center buttons in a more intuitive “plus” configuration and adds buttons for the 9 available preset locations in a column on the right side of the image. The attached zip file has four files:


To install, upload the four files to vera and follow the same steps as above except that in step 7 you’ll also need to change “device_file” to D_DigitalSecurityCamera2.xml.lzo

There’s one problem I’m hoping someone can help me with. I have another IP camera (different model, no PTZ) that also uses the generic IP camera plugin. When I change my WVC210 device to use this new device file, the other camera also inherits that even though the device_file for that camera hasn’t changed. I guess it has something to do with both devices coming from the same generic IP camera plugin, but how do I get around this? I’d like my other camera to have the standard IP camera interface (or maybe a different custom config in the future).

Add another generic plugin and configure it with the params for the other camera.


I’m not sure how to do that. When I go to the MiOS Marketplace the only option for the Generic IP Camera plugin is to Uninstall it. I don’t see a way to install a second instance.

If you click on the actual plugin displayed on your dashboard, the green cord that says plugin Generic IP Camera. You can then click Create another.


That’s where my problem is. All my cameras are devices under that one plugin. When I change the device file for one of them, all of them start using the same changed device UI. Now my non-PTZ camera has all the controls I added for my PTZ camera. Somehow they are linked by the single plugin.

Good deal. I’m glad it worked for you.


Just to clarify - the fact that my non-PTZ camera has all my PTZ camera changes is a bad thing. That’s the problem I’m trying to find a solution for. I’d like them to be different.

Add another plugin “device from the plugin” and change the parameters.

I have 16 camera’s, each camera has its own device (16 devices) and each device is labeled for the specific location of the camera and the individual IP address / URL of the camera.


I may be confusing my terminology but as I understand it, the “plugin” is what appears in the “MiOS Marketplace” section in Vera’s UI4. The “device” is the specific camera device that uses the plugin for its configuration and it appears under the “Devices” section or in a room’s section if you’ve assigned it to a room. If you have 16 cameras, you have 1 plugin and 16 camera devices. Each camera device has its own settings for IP, URL, etc. so each device will show the image from a different camera. In my case I have 3 cameras and each of my 3 camera devices in Vera’s UI4 shows the correct image for each different camera. That’s the standard IP camera setup and is working just fine for me.

Taking this one step further: one of my cameras can pan, tilt, and move to saved preset views. I created a new device file to change how the camera display window looks, adding buttons and features and moving things around and uploaded it to Vera’s Luup files (the original subject of this thread). I changed 1 of my three cameras to use the new device file with the custom display and buttons. That part also works great. But then I noticed that my other cameras, which are different models and can’t move around, inherited the new display and extra buttons which are useless to them. They still display the correct image for each camera because they each still point to their correct IP/URL. I just didn’t expect that changing the device file for one camera would affect the other two and I’m looking for a way to make that not happen.

Mr Clown, thanks for this. I got my two WVC-200 cameras working with this. :slight_smile: And yeah, in UI4 I don’t see an option to install the Generic IP Camera plug in twice. You can only install it once from the marketplace.

As I am planning on adding more cameras, did you manage to get this to work with other types?

I’ll probably add stationary cameras as PTZ cameras have a limited lifetime… thats all that won’t work I assume correct?

Whoops, I missed @mrclown’s reply.
Correct, 1 plugin, and I meant to say “Add another device from the plugin”


Could someone copy the paste the exact URL line to make the WVC210 (or WVC200) be able to pan and tilt? I can presently view my WVC200 at 640 x 480 with this line “img/snapshot.cgi?size=3&quality=3” (where Size can be (160 x 120 = 1,320 x 240 = 2,640 x 480 = 3) and Quality can be (Very High= 1,High= 2,Normal= 3,Low= 4,Very Low= 5). Thx so much for anyone who can help.

Sorry, no reply necessary. Everything is working great now on both my WVC200 and WVC210 cams. I think I just had to log off then log back in to recognize the changes. Thx! ;D