Disarming Alarm

I am a vera3 user and have connected multiple motion detectors to the vera3 and they are working. I am receiving a text message on my mobile phone whenever they are tripped. However, when I come home I would like to disarm the system so I stop receiving the text messages every 20 minutes as I walk around my house. Is they a device that will allow me to type a security code to cause they vera3 to stop reporting? Or is there a better way to accomplish this?
Thank you!

Virtual switch + PLEG. So when you want to arm the system, change the virtual switch. Use PLEG logic to only send messages when the motion detector is tripped AND the virtual switch is set to armed…

You could try the PingSensor or the WOLPlusPing to attempt to ping your smartphone. If it is successful then you could use that device status to determine whether to send your message out. The trick is to find a balance of ping frequencies to reliably say whether you are home or not, but not have it so frequent that your smarphone battery dies.

Great ideas, thank you very much for your responses! I think I am starting to get it.

Dear Micassa User
Could you tell me if you have a good security system by what you have done or not?