Disable alarm for utilitech water leak detector

Has anyone figured out how to disable the beeping when the detector senses water? I am using it as a trigger to turn the bathroom fan/vent on (when the shower is on). My kids keep using the shower without turning on the vent which then causes moisture on the wall and then the paint peels. I don’t want it to beep when the shower is turned on.


I use an Everspring humidity sensor for this purpose and it works perfectly. I set it to turn the fan on when humidity above 89 and turn the fan off when humidity below 84.

Some say it isn’t 100 percent accurate but it doesn’t matter. I based those numbers on my use through observation.

Doesn’t really answer your question but it at least offers an alternative.

That was what I was going with first but then I found out a leak sensor is ~$30 while a humidity sensor is almost $50. So I am hoping I can get it to work with the leak sensor first…

This sounds just like me. Spend $80 to avoid spending $50.