Dimming light, flashes before turning off

I have a bunch of Cooper dimmers controlling my lights. Most of my lights have been using Cree LED bulbs.

But there’s a place where I wanted to use an LED floodlight for a recessed light. I bought this: http://www.lowes.com/pd_592638-3-79121_0__?productId=50223597

A Sylvania Br30 Medium Base (E-26) Soft White Dimmable Indoor LED Flood Light Bulb.

What happens is that when the light is set to turn off, it dims own to 0, but right before 0, it flashes at 100% and then turns off. Is there a good solution for this?

It is just how the cooper dimmer works. Not much you can do. Unless you want to modify the circuit to add a capacitor… a bit of an overkill.

Why would it treat the Cree LEDs differently then? I mean, if it was the dimmer that was the problem, wouldn’t I see the same issue with other bulbs?