Dimmable LED Recessed Lighting


I just got an Evolve LSM-15 dimmer and I want to use it to control LED lights. From what I’ve read here there’s a decent chance that the dimmable Ecosmart LEDs from Home Depot and Philips LEDs will work. Has anyone been able to successfully use any of these LEDs in recessed lighting? If so, which type was it? I don’t know much about recessed lights so I was going to hire an electrician to put them in and see if I could provide the LEDs. Are there cans made specifically for these LEDs? Or can I just plug in the LED to whatever cans he installs?

I use the Philips led lights almost everywhere in my home. Even in my recessed lighting. They are the led lights that look odd, with yellow inserts at the top of the bulb. No issues, provide very nice warm lighting (2700K). I’ve tried other led bulbs like the ecosmart, and bulbs from Lowes and I prefer these.

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Do you mean you used the A19 bulbs in recessed lighting? I was thinking of flood lights.

Yes, I used the A19 bulbs. I have these:


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I have 60 of these in my house. Nice 2700k warm white. The cri is 91 which makes a difference.
Only problem is that they can flicker at certain dimming ranges… I just purchased some 25w resistors per aschwabs thread which I hope will resolve that.

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I replaced our existing PAR30 downlights for PAR30 LED versions, same can.

Thanks! oTi@ Which lamps did you use?

I was thinking either the EcoSmart Downlights that big517 mentioned or these Philips: http://www.usa.ecat.lighting.philips.com/l/professional-lamps/led-lamps-and-systems/led-lamps/par38-indoor-flood-led/929000203104_na/

They are the only floods I could find that had a 90+ CRI.

@GarretWP, how does the yellow bulb look in the fixture? I thought it would look odd to have yellow dots on my ceiling.

That’s why I chose what I did, they look nice in the ceiling, and don’t stick out or have gaps like some of the par xx light bulbs do. you can also caulk them in for an airtight install.

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I am using the same evolve dimmer for my recessed LEDs.
I did some intensive testing with 20 different types of LEDs. They all worked (except one cheaper Lowes brand - I think it was utilitech or something) flawlessly using the Evolve dimmer.

I ended up buying Sylvania LEDs. I can look up the part number. They have a nice very warm 2700K light and have a high CRI. Excellent light! They look kind of a halogen wide beam actually. They are pricey (around $45) at Lowes but you can get them on Ebay for around $20 each.


Here’s a strange problem I’ve encountered using EcoSmart bulbs (it has nothing to do with Vera).

The bulbs can cause severe interference with over-the-air digital TV signals. In my house, if I switch on a table lamp with an EcoSmart bulb, several TV channels disappear. Turn off the lamp and the signals instantly reappear. A quick search on Google shows it’s a known issue with some LED bulbs. So if you encounter TV interference when the lights are on, the bulbs may be the cause.

Cable channels are unaffected.

@frichter09 If you could give me the part number of the Sylvania’s that would be great. What made you choose them over the EcoSmart or Philips if you tried those?

@Lonestar10 Thanks for the heads up. I was actually planning on using OTA for TV. Does this only happen with EcoSmart bulbs or all LEDs?

This is the model number: Model: LED18PAR38/DIM/827/FL40 (Sylvania).

I have to admit I really liked the design of the Philips better (especially when dimmed because you see all the individual LEDs) however the color and light quality of the Sylvania sealed the deal for me.
My wife did not want any blueish light. The Sylvania bulbs have a slight yellow tint in the light which she and I liked. It is a nice warm light - close to halogen beams.

You can check out the bulb I have here (http://www.polar-ray.com/Sylvania-PAR38-LED-Lamp_p_274.html), they come in different sizes and of course you can get them cheaper on ebay or sometimes Lowes.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the link. Does the difference between an 84 CRI bulb and 90+ make a big difference?

in general, the higher the CRI the better. I don’t know if you can tell the difference between 84 and 90 though.
I am very satisfied with the light quality :slight_smile:


Seems like lower cri casts or washes things out with the bulb’s color, where higher cri will brighten things up. Hope that makes sense.
I suggest you buy them and compare in a dark room or at night using the bulb as the only source of light.

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The Halo H series and RL series work extreamily well with the Evolve dimmers. Check the specifications and you’ll find the new retrofits will dim down to 5 or 10%. The only issues I’ve run into is at very low light levels the fixtures will slow start, ie.e, not all of them will come on at the same time sometimes taking 5 seconds or more for all of them to turn on. If your above 15% it’s not as bad.

The slow start issue is Timon described above is true for me as well with the Sylvania LEDs.
Only happens at very low light levels though.

Are there any bulbs that don’t have such issues with the Evolve dimmers? Or with any other dimmers for that matter?

I guess ideally I’d like a combination that gives 0-100% dimming without any problems but it seems LEDs all experience it. Are dimmable CFLs any better?

Right now I’m leaning towards the EcoSmart CR4s because they seem to be the easiest to find for me. Since I can only find one Philips flood light with a 90+ CRI, it’s quite specific and I don’t know where to find it (http://www.usa.ecat.lighting.philips.com/l/professional-lamps/led-lamps-and-systems/led-lamps/par38-indoor-flood-led/929000203104_na/)

I’d consider the Sylvanias but the Ronas up here in Canada don’t carry it and when I’m in the States I won’t be near a Rona.

No there isn’t. Only LED fixtures with built in zwave, there aren’t any, or LED fixtures the accept a 0-10V control from a zwave 0-10V controller, there aren’t any YET would give 0 to 100% diming.

This is why I want to get a DMX E1.31 driver written for Vera. Then you could dim LEDs directly and get 0-100% dimming.

In a few months Fibar will have a new module out. It is specifically for dimming LED lights.

I am installing LED downlights throughout my new house build. Not the screw in bulb type. They are commercial LED cans that are powered by a separate single controller for each light run.

The Fibaro module will connect to the output side of the controller (12 vdc). Then it will directly control the dc power to the lights.