Device Icon Positioning on Floorplan (UI3)... Stay Put!!!

By far one of the most frustrating things about UI3 is that the device icons move around on their own. They won’t stay put where I tell them to!

You have to place the icon on the floorplan where you think you want it… then wait about 10 seconds to make sure Vera did not move the icon somewhere else… then you can hit save. Usually vera decides to move the icon around on you… a little bit this way… or a little bit that way… or maybe on top of another icon… just depending on what she feels like doing at that particular moment.

This is especially frustrating on 3-in-1 sensors where there are 4 icons for a single device… can’t you combine these 3-in-1 sensors so that they only show a single device icon on the floorplan!?

mcvovidiu… please tell me that you guys have seen this bug and have fixed it… its one of those bugs that makes UI3 sooo frustrating… I don’t want to have to move my device icon 20 times and hit save 20 times to try and get it exactly where I want it… and usually it doesn’t end up where I wanted it anyway.

I had the same problem when I was using UI3. It was incredibly annoying, especially with multi-sensors. Thankfully, I’ve switched back to UI2, so I no longer have to deal with that.


This problem was fixed and you will see the differences in the next firmware release.

thanks for the update mcv