dev enironment to check mcv lua code?

Is there a way to check syntax or a dev toolkit to check mcv Lu a code? Thx

See here:

Great thx mcvflorin. I was planning on download Lua, haven’t done that yet, now after your link I’ll do that. I do have a question though:

So how would be able to debug a lua script that has functions from MCV like luup.call_action etc,. Is there a port of the lib for windows just for dev/testing purpose. Your input is appreciated.

Unfortunately it’s possible to debug scripts with luup functions only from the Vera UI (MiOS Developers → Test Luup code) or through a plugin. In both cases, you will need to SSH into Vera and watch the logs.

Thanks mcvflorin. I’ll download Lua package and follow your suggestion to debug in future. Again, if the functions are as generic as possible without reference to MCV functions I’m sure just the editor that is capable of syntax checking should do the trick.