Determinig which UIx version I am running.

I purchased my VERA 1 in May 2009. I have installed Schlage Lock, Trane Tstat, and several on/off switches at our second home. I run the system remotely through To adjust the set points on the Tstat I have to convert to a factor of (desired temp x 1.8 + 32) which fools the system calc to send a celcius command to the Farhenheit temp setting. Backwards, but it works. I have been reading in the forum that this issue was fixed, but my system and UIx must be dated. Two questions:

  1. How do I determine which UIx I am running, and
  2. Can I do the upgrade to UI3 or UI4 remotely?

I am assuming you are running on UI2: To find the current version you are running, go to setup, then Advanced, then Downloads. You should see the version you are currently at. You will also see the box in which to enter the download URL for a new vesion.

To upgrade, you can find instructions in the Vera Wiki. You will need to search around depending on what release you are currently at, and what you want to upgrade to.

BTW - unless you have a specific reason for upgrading to the UI4, I recommend staying on UI2, like I have. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I am running the following version:
Running Version : 1.0.616
Latest Version : 1.0.616

Is this UI2?

Yes, 1.0.616 is the original UI2, and what was commonly shipped in the Vera’s back then.

I recommend you upgrade to 1.0.979 or better yet 1.0.988.

You can find the links to these two releases at:

The 1.1.x stuff is UI3 and UI4.

I Appreciate the help. Can I upgrade remotely?

What is meant by “remotely”? Are you saying your Vera does not have internet connectivity?

yes upgrades can be done remotely but I recommend against it because if something doesnt go smoothly you may need to unplug and restart unit to get things working again