Determine which Pin code was entered on a Kwikset lock (Now Working)


I’ve searched the forum and have not been able to find the exact answer to this topic.
I thought there was a way to determine which pin code had been entered on a kwikset lock when a notification is sent after the user unlocks the door.
“Pin Code Entered notification feature”
Tried the # and * sign as a generic variable in the notification event but this does not appear to work and I even entered the exact code of a specific user with no results. I only receive an ID event with the notification that the door was unlocked and it doesn’t delineate which user (that was assigned earlier) had entered their code.

When I use the “Pin Code Entered” notification feature I do not get any notifications at all from this event.
I am using a Vera3 with current shipping firmware with UI5, and a Kwikset 99100-004 model.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I went ahead and inserted the * again and it appears to be working now.
Not sure why it didn’t work the first time but it does now. ugh…

I have a separate trigger for each of the two PIN code entries, and those work fine.
I didn’t know there were wildcard/placeholder characters for the notification.

The wildcard symbol * works well.
I get an index value returned for the pin code saved on the list as well as the Label for the assigned code. (ie #5 on the list; Name: John)